Snapette is the fashionable shopper’s handy best friend. Our easy-to-use mobile app is the perfect shopping tool to help you find designer fashion currently in stores near you. Snapette makes it fun and convenient to discover and browse new products and sales from the top boutiques in your neighborhood or in top fashion cities around the world.
We’ve partnered with over 200 of the best brands and retailers in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London to give shoppers the inside scoop on new products, sales, offers, and in-store events exclusive to Snapette users. Follow your favorite boutiques and be the first to see new products. Get alerts on your phone about special sales and offers from nearby stores. We work closely with our carefully selected retail partners, who range from local boutique gems to global brands like Theory, Diane Von Furstenberg, UNIQLO and Rebecca Minkoff.

We also have a style savvy community of active, trendsetting users around the world posting their top shopping finds and purchases from their favorite stores.

So instead of wasting your time running around looking for that perfect pair of shoes or dress, you can first check Snapette to see what styles are in stores near you NOW. And if you’re just looking for some shopping inspiration, you can see what’s trending in Paris, Milan, or Hong Kong by browsing photos of what Snapette users and boutiques around the world are posting.
Sarah and Jinhee have combined their experiences in business, design and tech to create a fun and useful tool for fashion shoppers to find relevant in-store product information in the most fashionable boutiques around the world.
“ The founders of Snapette are not your prototypical start-up entrepreneurs. ” - Forbes
Unlike her famous classmate Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah actually graduated from Harvard College then worked closely with some of the top retail brands during her stints at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co. and Berkshire Partners. Realizing she could function perfectly well on minimal sleep and Twizzlers, she did double duty as a first year student at Harvard Business School and the co-founder of Snapette, often flying to London, NYC and SF between classes to meet with brands, boutiques and investors. Even a serious case of pneumonia didn’t stop her from sneaking out of the hospital to pitch a VC. She is now a business school dropout and the CEO of Snapette leading business development and marketing efforts. And unlike Mark Zuckerberg who is a fan of Adidas slippers, Sarah prefers 5” Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

After graduating with a degree in economics from Harvard College and consulting at Bain & Co., Jinhee wondered if perhaps she should have studied home economics instead so she could sew clothes all day. She promptly moved to NYC and attended Parsons School of Design then worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren where she got to draw, pin, sew and knit to her heart’s content. As an early Apple enthusiast, Jinhee was responsible for introducing the first Macs to the design studios at Ralph Lauren in the late 80’s. The mother of three also created an early learning curriculum that is one of the top selling children’s apps in iTunes. While shopping along the unfamiliar streets of London, she wished there was an app to help shoppers search stores nearby for the perfect shoe or bag and for the boutique owners to reach out to those nearby shoppers with smartphones. As president of Snapette she oversees product design and engineering. Unlike Sarah, Jinhee prefers comfy Chanel flats and Snickers bars.
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Emma Roberts for Snapette
“ The Next Big Thing in Tech” – Fashion 2.0 Awards
“ The Discovery Economy: Snapette Shows You the Future Way to Shop. ” – Fast Company